Other than having to buy a completely new wardrobe, I’m very happy.

Because of very busy and unpredictable schedules, my wife and I found ourselves eating out much of the time over the past few years, oftentimes consuming far more fast food than we cared to admit. I had added unwanted pounds as a result, even though I exercised regularly. At her suggestion, I agreed to try Home Cuisine for one week. I was a skeptic, but after losing 5 lbs. that first week and loving the taste and quantity of the food, I decided to stick with it for a little longer. The food is delivered to us at work twice a week, is so easy to reheat in the microwave, and most importantly is excellent, satisfying and a great balance of nutrients which has the effect of making me less hungry. My wife is a great cook, but frankly having Home Cuisine is like having a chef prepare my meals daily and my wife doesn’t have to. To date, I’ve lost 73 pounds and other than having to buy a completely new wardrobe, I’m very happy. I think I will always get many of my meals from Home Cuisine! It’s been a life saver for me.

Jim King, Louisville Metro Council President, Quality, freshness, variety and delicious flavor

We are simply delighted with the quality, freshness, variety and delicious flavor of the Home Cuisine menus. The fact that we have also lost weight on the 1200 per day calorie menus is another great feature! Of course we would never be able to stay on a “diet” for this long — 7 months and still going — unless the food was delicious. We also save time and money since we seldom go to the grocery store and only occasionally go to restaurants. This program pays for itself very easily!

Maureen and Jay McGowan, I’d say the meals have been a huge success

Dear Mae,

Mom had her first check up since starting Home Cuisine on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Her weight was down 13 pounds, blood pressure was beautiful, blood sugar was perfect, and cholesterol had even gone down. I’d say the meals have been a huge success.

I share her story with everyone I can. She is taking fewer medications than she was before starting the meals. The meals have taken the place of three of her medications. The results have even inspired her to walk with her cane rather than kick around in her wheelchair. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Nicki, I’m addicted to their innovative food

This has been the easiest, most delicious, and most convenient way for me to lose my baby weight. I’m probably going to stick with Home Cuisine even after all the weight is off, because now I’m addicted to their innovative food (and I don’t have to cook – bonus!).

Lisa Kristofek, My husband is crazy for Home Cuisine

Love Home Cuisine. The food is fresh and delicious and I dont have to worry about what to fix for dinner…Sandy, Mae and the rest of the gang have taken care of that. My husband is crazy for Home Cuisine and finally eating healthy. Thanks guys!

Catherine Webb, Delighted by the variety and quality

Sandy and Mae, I have enjoyed your food for a year now, lost a ton of weight, and have been delighted by the variety and quality. Congratulations on your 8th year. Wish I had started with you 7 years ago!

Diana L. Skaggs, Healthy Home Cuisine meals helped me reach my goal

About 10 months ago, I had a cholesterol reading of 209, a high reading for me. My internist did not seem worried and just said, “If it stays this high, we’ll just put you on Statins.” I don’t like taking medication if I don’t have to; so I did increase my activity level, and I really did cut out cholesterol-inducing foods I was inclined to eat in restaurants and at social occasions (such as chips and guacamole, heavy cheeses, etc.) I just stuck to eating my Home Cuisine meals. I had blood work done four months ago, and my cholesterol reading was 163. I know that the healthy Home Cuisine meals helped me reach my goal of lowering that cholesterol number.

Another of the advantages of being a Home Cuisine client became recently clear to me. I had outpatient surgery for a hernia, and I was told by my surgeon not to lift anything over 10 pounds for two weeks. Since I’m a regular customer of Home Cuisine, good food supply was not a problem. However, I normally pick up my order rather than having it delivered. All I had to do was email Home Cuisine and switch to delivery mode for two weeks. My orders have been delivered at convenient times and placed on the kitchen island in front of my refrigerator, where I can conveniently (and safely) transfer my meals to my refrigerator. This is a wonderful service – and one less thing I had to worry about while I recuperate.

Laurie Duesing, The best thing that I have ever done for our family

These meals are great for a family on the go. We are both busy professionals with active teenage kids. We ordered the dinners only at first, but soon realized that the daily individual meals were better for our busy family. We can all come and go and always have a healthy meal to pull out of the fridge and heat up. Our favorite is the turkey meatloaf and the breakfast dishes. The blueberry crisp tastes like my high-calorie version. My husband recently commented that “this was the best thing that I have ever done for our family” …of course, he loves to eat! It is really hard to believe how great these meals taste until you try them. There is no reason to ever have fast food again…this is fast and great tasting.

Drs Jules and Jennifer Barefoot, Thanks for helping us through such a busy time in our lives

We have really enjoyed the Home Cuisine dinners! We began them after our 4th child was born for the convenience of healthy dinners prepared that were simple to warm up and serve our family. It proved to be a great way to lose the post baby weight and save time usually devoted to preparing dinner and trips to the grocery store. We spent the extra time with our kids and caring for our new baby. Thanks for helping us through such a busy time in our lives with such wonderful, healthy dinners.

Traci and David Voss, They have saved me many hours in the kitchen

We have found the meals to be delicious , nutritious and easy to heat and serve. They have saved me many hours in the kitchen on busy weeknights and I feel great that I am offering my family a nutritious, “homecooked” meal served at our own table. The delivery service has been prompt and reliable.

Julee Carucci, I feel like I am “sinning”

I may be “addicted” to Sandy Pike’s Home Cuisine meals! The food is organic, delicious and reasonably priced! I began her service last March and it would be hard for me to cancel and do it myself again. Not only do her meals taste good, they are “convenient” to pick up at Rainbow Blossom twice each week and put in the fridge (or she will deliver). I rarely grocery shop, prepare food, or do dishes…and the best part…I have LOST 12 pounds (as I order the 1200 calorie/day meal choice)! This mornings breakfast was apple blackberry crisp and yogurt. This is one of my favorites. I feel like I am “sinning” as it tastes like blackberry cobbler, but made with oatmeal and fruit. The lunches (a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads or fruit) are easy to take to work. The dinner portions are very adequate and quite a variety of proteins, whole grains and fresh vegetables. I just add a glass of wine! I feel fortunate to have Sandy’s service in the Louisville area.

Carole Stamler, The programs are well balanced nutritionally

Pat and I have been on the Home Cuisine program since August of 2007. We have both lost weight, we feel better, and we love the convenience of the prepared meals. We have tried the 2000 calorie, 1200 calorie, and diet programs. We like them all. The programs are well balanced nutritionally…probably more so than most of us are used to…and you may find yourself eating some food dishes that are new to you, but stay with it. You’ll find within a couple of weeks that your palate has adjusted. We strongly endorse these programs for those who want the convenience of three prepared meals per day that are nutritionally balanced, healthy, and oh yes, delicious.

Pat and Bob Chilton, I recommend Home Cuisine highly

I have used Home Cuisine several times and for different reasons… after having a baby and trying to eat well but lose the weight; in residency and just not enough time to cook and eat healthily; and while working full-time for convenience and good food for me and my family. Each and every time, the quality of the food, the service, and the experience has been outstanding! I recommend Home Cuisine highly, as each time I used it I enjoyed it, felt better, and looked better.

Chanley M. Martin, MD, JDI, can now wear the clothes I want to wear

I come from a family that loves to eat. Before this experience (Sandy showing me a new way to eating) I liked my tea sweet, my chicken fried and my biscuits buttered. Now I have learned from Sandy Pike, owner of Home Cuisine, who provided me with 4 month of delicious and satisfying food, that I don’t have to go back to those old habits. I have learned that I need to prepare the food differently and open my mind to eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.  At first I thought about 1200 calories a day I surely will starve, however I was pleasantly surprised when 1200 calories a day the way Sandy prepares food was more than enough.  I have more energy than ever, and I have the strength to avoid the cravings that used to overwhelm me. My entire lifestyle has changed in the past year.  Sandy seems like a friend I have known for a lifetime, my deepest heartfelt gratitude I owe to Sandy for showing me a new way to live.  I recommend Home Cuisine to anyone who will listen.  I can now wear the clothes I want to wear, buying size 8 jeans, instead of size 28…

Shanion Thurman

Praise for Home Cuisine’s holiday specials

The food — all of it — was just delicious

BRAVO. That’s all we can say about our Thanksgiving dinner from Home Cuisine. The food – all of it –was just delicious. Will you be offering a Christmas dinner? Some of us don’t cook, and have no way of offering the quality meals you serve if we can’t get them from you. I saw posts on Facebook from people wanting a holiday dinner. Please add us to the list. Again, thank you, and we can’t wait until next Thanksgiving.

Susan & Jeff, The turkey was the best I have ever tasted

Just a quick note to tell you that our Thanksgiving dinner from Home Cuisine was fantastic!! Everyone raved about it! the turkey was the best i have ever tasted. Thank you again. And I wanted to know if you do this for Christmas. Best wishes,

Beth, Everything, and I mean everything, was delicious

Thank you so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving. Everything, and I mean everything, was delicious. What a service you do for folks that are alone on the Holiday! I will tell you that we cancelled our Ruth’s Chris reservation for today and we are so glad we did. Again thank you.

You made a wonderful day for us.




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