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Sandy Pike, a Louisville native, moved to the San Francisco Bay area in her twenties and emerged herself in the local up-and-coming food scene.  In the late 1960s, the West Coast was using fresh local ingredients – not realizing that a  food revolution was taking place.  Pike cut her teeth in this atmosphere, and has never looked back.

After years of teaching cooking classes and offering catering to the Bay Area residents, Pike move her family back to her roots in Louisville.  In the early 80s, she arrived to see that the local restaurant scene was missing some of the wonderful ideas that she had picked up in Berkeley and San Francisco.  Pike opened Jack Fry’s in the Highlands, and introduced Louisville to her favorite ideas from the West Coast. Jack Fry’s was an immediate success, and remains a success to this day.

Pike sold Jack Fry’s in the late 80s, then opened Café Society, an upscale Bistro in the heart of what is now the Nulu district.  The elegant eatery offered a luxurious yet friendly atmosphere, and managed to not be stuffy or uptight.  As usual, the real draw of Café Society was Sandy’s amazing food.  Her desserts became more and more of a huge draw, and most diners would take an extra order of Pike’s sweet confections home.  Over time ,the word got out and Café Society was selling out of desserts before they had even opened for the evening.  In order to keep desserts in stock for the customers dining in at Café Society, Pike opened the Queen of Tarts. The rest, as they say, is history.

The success of the Queen of Tarts was a wonderful surprise, and Pike opened more locations.  Louisville had a great market for fancy coffee, gourmet ice cream by the scoop, and luxurious desserts sold by the slice.  Sandy received “an offer that she could not refuse”, and sold the Queen of Tarts in 2005.

Pike found herself with a passion to cook, a desire to start something new, and, for the first time in her life, a little free time.  After a close family member was warned by her doctor to change her diet, Sandy began preparing healthy food and dropping it off for her relative.   Pike knew that her food was going to need exceptional flavor for the patient to give up her high-fat fare.  It worked, and Pike knew what her next business would be: Home Cuisine.

After years and years of cooking cutting-edge meals, with no concern for calorie counts or fat grams, Pike changed gears.  “It was fun to do something different.  I was just recreating the great, timeless meals that we all love, but this time, I was doing it with health in mind.  It was like a puzzle, and if I put all of the pieces together properly I had a healthy meal that tasted wonderful”.



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