Today is the Day…when most people give up on New Year’s Resolutions


Today is the day……when most people give up on New Years Resolutions

We all know how it can be.  January 1st we flock to the Gym and wait in line to huff and puff over the Stairmaster (AKA: Modern Torture Device), Eat one Pea and a Rice cake for dinner, weigh ourselves EVERYSINGLEMORNING expecting the pounds to drop like a lead balloon. And it doesn’t happen fast enough.  And we get frustrated.  And who doesn’t love Fried Chicken and Chocolate Pie?

And then January 21st arrives and we go back to using our Yoga Pants as God had intended (Watching TV in total comfort) and and telling ourselves that we have worked hard, so we have EARNED this Triple Bacon Cheeseburger with a mountain of Onion Rings.  And then here we are.  Back to were we were on January 31st.  Ough. But this time with an extra 5 lbs…er…hanging around….
As we all seem to remember the exact same pearl of wisdom from Phych 101, conducting the same behavior and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.  (Or something along those lines……Psych 101 was a lonnnngggg time ago).  Why is it then that we all do this.  Every New Year.  Without fail?  And set ourselves up for failure.
This is a question that I have asked myself for the past 25 or so years….however…. this year…I require an answer.  I did not join the Gym, only to feel guilt (followed by rage when I see the auto deduction on my bank statement) every time I do not workout.  I did not do the one Pea and Rice Cake routine, either
I just tried to follow my ‘Sanity Diet’ meaning that I have been eating reasonable amounts of reasonable food.  And the funniest thing….I am not planning my fat blast that I always have on January 22nd.  Followed by the ‘Well…I have worked so hard that I deserve it” Pizza on the 23rd
I hope that I remember this next December so that 2015 can start in a calm, sane way, including jeans that will button.  And zip.

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