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The idea of “being the best we can be” is not new, and certainly not unique. This is the time of year when Oprah always focuses on the subject, so if you have time during the day, she might be a good resource for moral support. It […]

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Recently a client asked me to comment on motivation. Make that ‘Motivation’—what we all need around New Year’s every year (and plenty of other times too), but New Year’s is when even trim, fit people start thinking about getting healthier. Anyone can get started, it seems, but […]

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The Important Role of Food

As I sit here amid the disarray of a kitchen after all the meals have gone out of a Home Cuisine pickup/delivery day, I wonder what in the heck I’m doing firing up the computer. Do I really have the energy? Probably not. But the thing is, […]

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There are three steps in developing a guilt-free relationship with food. First and most importantly, we need to eat foods that are healthy (for the most part; I don’t mean that you can never, ever again indulge in a chocolate dessert or a cheesy hors d’oeuvres — […]

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Why did we Decide to go Paleo?

Last summer, our friend and client Dr. Jennifer Barefoot asked us if we could help accommodate her patients following the Paleo diet. At the time, the only thing I knew about “Paleo” food was that this way of eating was also known as “the Caveman Diet” — […]

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From the Chef

Greetings ~ I’m starting this blog because so many people—both customers and those who might become customers—have expressed interest and asked questions about Home Cuisine, its mission, what it can do for them, and the overall issue of food in our lives today. I don’t consider myself […]

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Southwestern Quinoa Salad

Mae was on WDRB to show off a fast, healthy, and delicious Southwestern Quinoa Salad. Watch the video to get a few quick tips on how to make this easy dish, then check out the recipe below. Southwestern Quinoa Salad Ingredients 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 red […]

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Low-fat Coleslaw and Sugar-free Barbecue Sauce

Even though Labor Day weekend is over, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still eat like it’s summertime. Did you catch Mae on Fox 41, showing off these great picnic-ready recipes? Now that you’ve seen how easy it is, here are the recipes so you can make […]

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Our Holiday Traditions aren’t Weird, just “Eccentric”

My family, just like every other family since the beginning of time, has some odd family traditions, especially at the Holidays. And some of these oddities involve food. My family — typically a healthy bunch, mind you — sits around enjoying a rich, creamy dish of carrots, […]

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Winter in Louisville

It is FFFFFreezing here in Louisville. I mean actually freezing. It was 11 yesterday. As in 11 degrees Fahrenheit. This is crazy. I am a warm weather girl. 90? No problem. I think that my internal cooler is on full blast at all time, so heat generally […]

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