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Vegan Projet: Day 24 Update

Well, as promised… I have been a total flake when it comes to blogging my vegan month. What is it about December that makes it so hard to get any real work done? Here it goes: my update on the plant-based diet that I have been engaged […]

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Cranberry-Apple Crisp

Recently, Mae showed Louisville’s WDRB In the Morning how to make a healthy dessert – an apple crisp featuring fresh, seasonal cranberries. Cranberry-Apple Crisp Ingredients 5 cups pared, sliced tart apples (about 6 medium apples) 1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries 1 Tablespoon Agave Syrup 1/3 […]

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Vegan Project: Day 12 Update

Day 12 of the Vegan Project Just a quick update… It is amazing. I am really feeling HEALTHY! Over the past few days, I have really noticed a big difference in my skin, energy level, and even my BRAIN. (It feels a little faster… maybe I am […]

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Mae’s Gone Vegan! Lessons from Restaurants and Dinner Parties

Like everyone else who lives in the developed world, I always gain weight – and feel gross – from all of the junk that I eat from Thanksgiving until New Years Day. This year, I have decided to take things in a different direction. I am going […]

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Fall is Here

It is hard to wrap my brain around the fact that summer has come and gone. Wow! Why do snowy, overcast winter days seem to drag on and on, but summer fun zips by, and is gone before you know it? One good thing about summer coming […]

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Vegan on Vacation? Don’t Mind if I do!

Every year around this time I take my “Suicide prevention” trip to the beach. This year was no exception, however, this trip I was Vegan. Hmmmmm It has been three months now, and I am still going strong. I have really been enjoying the food and how […]

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Going Back to School has Never Been Easier

It’s that time of year – summer has slipped away and the kiddos are back to school. Whew….the days are getting shorter, indeed. The Kentucky State Fair always signals the end of summer, and with that, the end of leisurely cookouts and picnics in the park. As […]

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Game Hens over Root Veggies

‘Tis the season for entertaining! Mae showed Louisville’s WDRB how to make roasted Cornish game hens, served on a bed of roasted root vegetables. Just remember, you’re under no obligation to tell your guests how easy it was. Game Hens over Root Veggies Ingredients 2 Tablespoons fresh […]

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Baked stuffed apples with walnuts and cranberries

Time for more of your favorite fall flavors: Mae showed Louisville’s WDRB how to make baked apples stuffed with berries and walnuts. It’s delicious – and healthier than pie! Baked stuffed apples with walnuts and cranberries Ingredients 3/4 cup dried sweet cranberries (or substitute dried cherries) 1/4 […]

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