My Favorite Rule: A Note from Mae

Over the years, I have devoured every bit of information on health and nutrition that I could get my hands on. Some were sane (featuring lots of vegetables and the concept of eating smaller portions) and some were not as sane (such as consuming large amounts of bacon and removing lettuce from your diet). One piece of advice that has really made an impression on me when it comes to having a balanced diet is to eat lots of natural foods from a variety of different colors. I love this rule and try my hardest to live by it.

The fall offers so many great hearty foods, that preparing a colorful plate is a delicious breeze. What could be better than Grilled Chicken Breast topped with a fresh blackberry glaze, mashed sweet potatoes and snappy green beans? This is a balanced meal, designed by mother nature herself. (It also happens to be my dinner last night, and was quite good!)

Keeping color in your diet will also keep your system in great condition. It is a fun challenge to attempt a cheerful plate for each meal. How about fresh herbs on your scrambled eggs, a side of sliced tomatoes and fruit salad? A great lunch idea is a big, healthy Salad Niҫoise featuring mixed baby greens, plump Kalamata olives, bright green beans, poached red potatoes and perfectly seared Tuna. Top it with a bright yellow lemon vinaigrette and you will have knocked the dish out of the park!

When we are developing our menus and recipes at Home Cuisine we keep this rule of thumb in mind. It is fun, easy and sane.

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