Revisiting the Vegan Meal Plan

This summer I have been flirting with the vegan lifestyle, never diving in head first, but trying to incorporate plant-based meals into my diet as often as I can. And I feel great!

It is funny how people, myself included, tend to see the Vegan Meal Plan as an all or nothing lifestyle choice – you are either in or you are out. It seems that the vegans who I have known are very committed and view their lifestyle as a political statement. I love their passion for animals and the environment, however, this just does not fit into my life. I would be in big trouble if I were unable to taste the wonderful meat and seafood prior to sending it to our oh so loyal customers! (Not to mention, I would be hard pressed to live without the occasional dinner out.)

This is where the occasional Vegan Meal Plan comes in! At Home Cuisine I find myself explaining to our interested customers that they would not need to stop all animal products, at all times, should they sign up for the Vegan Meal Plan. We are thrilled to offer 3 vegan meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the increments of 3, 5 or 7-days a week, as well as our Dinner-only option. This is a great way to enjoy the health benefits of the plant-based program, and still have meals including meat, cheese or any other animal products that you are interested in.

There, however, is nothing wrong with living a total vegan lifestyle, and it seems that those who do are thrilled with their results. If you are interested in adopting this way of life, we would be happy to help you ease into it…whether 3, 5 or 7 days per week! We have tapered the meals this way for many customers, and it seems to work well.

The one complaint that I hear from most people who want to stop all meat and dairy in their diets, is that it is so time consuming to prepare their meals. Well…..why not make it as easy as possible, and allow Home Cuisine to prepare healthy delicious meals, and bring them right to your door?

Give us a call to set up your vegan, or non-vegan, account today!


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